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Barcelona Congress Hall

The Barcelona Congress Hall is intended to hold business events and conferences of any level and boasts essential facilities, such as microphones, a sound amplification system, equipment for simultaneous 4-language interpreting, as well as video and sound playback systems, providing for a possibility of live Internet broadcasting. For your convenience and comfort, we offer a number of possible seating arrangements – U-shape, T-shape, round table, classroom, and theatre.
We thought through the design of the Barcelona Congress Hall, paying attention to every detail. The furniture blends harmoniously into the soft-tone décor of the hall, which keeps one totally focused on business matters. Flexible seating arrangement helps create a supportive and inclusive working environment.

to 320 person(s)
Hall area
310 m2
on the 1st floor
Seating arrangement and capacity
to 250 person(s)
to 150 person(s)
Round table
to 80 person(s)
to 70 person(s)
to 80 person(s)
Happy Birthday Rate
Wedding offers
SPA gift certificates
Photo and video shooting
Special offer for sports teams

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